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While the long term goal of your Internet marketing campaign should be to earn high organic (free) page one listings for your important keyword phrases, "buying your way to the top" of the search engine rankings is an important tool to reach your clients immediately until your organic rankings earn the 1st results page. Actually, most organizations elect to continue a reduced search PPC (pay per click) advertising campaign even after most of their important keyword phrases are ranking page one on the major search engines. One of the primary reasons for continuing paid search is that the organic rankings display a "snippet" from the ranking page, but that language is almost never what an organization would most like the visitor to read. With ppc service, you have the opportunity to dictate the exact message that you want your prospective client to know about your organization. And, it's important to understand that a PPC advertiser only gets charged when someone clicks on an ad (and arrives at the designated web page on the advertiser's website). All businesses should seriously consider a pay per click campaign as part of their Internet marketing campaign strategy.

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WHY NOT DO IT YOURSELF? While Google (along with Bing/Yahoo) make it easy to create a basic PPC/pay per click advertising campaign, establishing a campaign that maintains top ad position for the lowest possible cost with high conversions (visitors to customers) is very complex. To list just a few of the paid search optimization techniques that need to be fully understood and incorporated into a campaign if it is to be competitive: identify keyword phrases that have substantial traffic in your target market, select the appropriate phrase match type, install/configure conversion tracking, create optimized landing pages, achieve high quality score for all keyword phrases... The complete list is exhaustive and mastery of all these components is necessary to establish and maintain an advertising campaign with a high conversion ratio and strong ROI.


Virtually every ad agency, PR firm, web designer, and web developer claim to be a skilled search engine marketing PPC company. In reality, over 90% of these PPC companies don't even understand the fundamentals of effective Internet marketing and are giving the profession a bad name. It is estimated that less than 5% of all the Internet search market PPC agencies have invested the time (and gained the expertise) to become a Google certified partner. This paid search optimization certification process involves mastering over 430 pages of technical information and passing multiple tests to prove a legitimate expertise in all the various Adwords techniques. DMS is a Google certified engine marketing partner for Adwords pay per click/PPC advertising.

Google has recently decided to officially partner with what they consider to be their "elite" existing paid search optimization partner PPC agencies. Under this arrangement, a senior Google Adwords search marketing agency analyst will personally construct new Adwords campaigns, ensuring that each is optimized for the most current techniques to increase ad positioning, frequency, while reducing pay per click costs in the auctions. DMS is a Northern Virginia search marketing agency partner of Google.

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WHAT'S NEXT? Give us a call or submit a "Need More Information?" form by clicking on the floating box on all of our website pages. We'll run a free ranking report so that you can see where you rank now for the keyword phrases that are important in your target market. This report will serve as a valuable baseline for understanding how your competition is ranking, what keywords they feel are important, and what would be involved in overtaking them in pay per click and organic search rankings.


We get results. Our Internet marketing PPC services represent an investment, not an expenditure. We appreciate your website visit, and look forward to learning about your Internet marketing goals, and discussing how we can help you achieve them.


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