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Since you reached this article, your company probably has a website, but you're frustrated by the search engine rankings and insufficient visitor traffic, especially the visitor to customer conversion ratio. The ROI of your site is far from what you believe it ought to be; it isn't achieving the new business leads that it should.

In addition, you recognize that more than 80% of American adults begin the process of searching for goods and services online. Some shoppers use sites like Facebook and Twitter, however the large majority of shoppers are more likely to utilize Google, Yahoo, and Bing in order to research, evaluate, and then make their purchasing choices. In short, you know that you need to improve your search engine rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We are an established local SEO company that's been providing Virginia SEO services for more than 15 years -- since the start of online search marketing.

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BEWARE: Today, many website owners receive offers from SEO consultants that aren't located in Virginia, but instead are based on the West Coast and abroad. Those SEO companies are featuring "bargain basement" SEO services rates by delivering only generic search ranking services without comprehending Fairfax's local search market or even the products and services that their own clients provide. As a result, those SEO consultants fail to achieve page 1 top five rankings for their customers. A number of these marketing companies are international giants. Money spent with those behemoths end up being an expenditure -- not an investment in your organization's growth. By comparison, we are local SEO experts based in Northern Virginia and our lead Fairfax SEO analyst has lived in the NOVA area for more than 30 years. When you combine that local knowledge of the Fairfax market with our proven track record of helping Virginia clients, it's easy to see how we are able to successfully help organizations to thrive in Fairfax VA search engine rankings.

The majority of Fairfax SEO consultants are new comers, seeking to cash in on the booming opportunities within the local SEO search engine marketing field. They do not even deal with the most significant component of high search engine rankings: strong content relevant to the keyword searches. Think about it. The search engines are making every effort to provide their visitors with the content/information they are searching for. In the event that your site does not rank high with the search engine robots/crawlers for those particular keyword phrases, you lose. Period. Linking (to and from other sites) is all the craze at the moment, but it makes no difference the number of quality backlinks your website has if it does not have the content essential for ranking high for those keyword phrases valuable to you. Almost all local SEO companies and search engine optimization experts provide merely "backend" services to expand awareness of your site and tell you that content development will be your obligation. That puts an unfair burden on you.

At DMS, we fully understand the significance of keyword phrase content development (and meta tag structuring) and therefore we will construct and publish these pages for you. Utilizing tools like Google Analytics and Keyword Planner, we begin our SEO search ranking process by producing the webpages that the search engine robots are trying to find in order to help your site rank high organically (naturally). This will reduce the need for pay per click advertising. And that is what stands our SEO expert services apart from the vast majority of our competitors.

Before deciding which Fairfax SEO consultant to work with for meeting your search ranking expectations, at least find out more about what DMS can provide. No-one can provide a deeper expertise, or more measurable search engine results when providing local SEO services than we do at DMS. We guarantee it. Find out just what we have accomplished for our SEO clients by checking out our Client Search Engine Results page Then click the "Free Search Ranking Report" icon on the left side of your screen to find out the ways in which we can personally help you dominate the local SEO rankings for the keyword phrases that are valuable to your organization.

Fairfax local SEO is a science -- not an art form.

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Many web designers claim to know how to optimize sites, but they just do not understand the Google search engine algorithms well enough to improve their client's Fairfax search rankings.

Below is a sampling of various SEO techniques that are necessary to increase local search engine rankings and to get first page search ranking results. CLICK ON A HEADING FOR A DESCRIPTION.

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We are local SEO experts who specialize in search engine ranking and search engine optimization services for organizations located in Fairfax.

Click here for a free search engine ranking report for your website showing how your site ranks on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. There is absolutely no cost or obligation for this report.

Our founder, Kelley Lott, has developed a 90 minute seminar on How to Increase Bing, Yahoo, and Google Search Engine Ranking and Convert Visitors to Customers. This seminar encapsulates our approach to increasing website rank and maximizing your ROI from your website.

For a written extract of Kelley's seminar, click here: FAIRFAX LOCAL SEO - SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION - How to Increase Fairfax Search Engine Ranking, Increase Google Search Rankings, and Convert Visitors to Customers.


Does your organization need to have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin? How easily can potential customers find your website with the major search engines? We can help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of social media networking sites and how best to maximize your ROI when marketing online. Social media marketing doesn't work well for every type of product and service, so we'll help you determine what methods will have the greatest impact on your online presence.


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