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Traditional print media is without perspective and interactivity; it is one dimensional. Almost all media campaigns are produced to modify behavior, and we believe the more dynamic and interactive the media, the more easily the audience can be engaged and behavior can be changed.

Website Development

There is no reason for websites today to be comprised of only text and static images. Streaming media from websites can demonstrate techniques and capabilities, introduce key persons to the visitor, and deliver information in a more exciting and persuasive way than text. Today's websites should offer visitors a dynamic, entertaining, and informative experience. We know how to harness the various dynamic media technologies to maximize the benefits.

Internet Marketing

How easily can prospective clients find your website with the major search engines? Should your organization be pay per click advertising on Google? Should your campaign use display ads or search advertising? What keywords should trigger your ads? We have over 16 years experience with Google Adwords and SEO (search engine optimization). We'll help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of the various options for Internet marketing, along with how to maximize your ROI when marketing online.


Video is the antithesis of print. Like film, video production has the potential to incorporate humor, drama, and animation. It can demonstrate, illustrate, and -- most of all -- it can motivate better than any other medium. There is no more persuasive and powerful media tool than video and we utilize it ambitiously.

Bottom Line

We use dynamic media to solve our clients' communications challenges.